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David A. Kater is an author, educator, artist, avid gardener, and vegan enthusiast.

David’s journey as an author began in 1980 when he became a ghostwriter and researcher for the first Epson printer manual published in the United States. He learned the craft of clear communication from mentor Dr. David Lein, and soon became the sole author of several Epson printer manuals. This led to a book on TRS–80 Graphics for McGraw–Hill and RadioShack, a book on Microsoft Word for Microsoft Press, a book on desktop publishing for Sybex, and several others.

David started teaching at local community colleges after completing his Master’s degree in Mathematics in 1976. After completing a second Master’s degree in Educational Technology, David created a self–paced Math Center at San Diego City College in 1994. He directed the Math Center until his semi–retirement in 2012, and he now teaches online math courses for the college. 

David is also a digital artist, displaying his works at Art Walk and other locations in San Diego. He started with photography, and evolved into digital creations produced in a variety of media – metal, Plexiglas, canvas, photo paper, and 3D lenticular format.

Soon after retiring from full time teaching, David watched the food documentary, Forks over Knives, on the recommendation of a colleague. The documentary provided compelling evidence that many of the degenerative diseases that afflict our country can be controlled or reversed by eating a whole food plant–based diet. It was a life–changing moment. That realization totally changed his relationship with food. It inspired him to learn the truth about food and transform his diet. He completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program through Cornell University to better understand the relationship between nutrition and health. He also studied plant-based cooking techniques, including flavor matching and flavor balancing, which are so essential to creating satisfying and delectable plant-based meals.  His wife, Donna, joined him on this plant food path of inquiry and experimentation. The powerful insights that he gained over the years filled him with a desire to share his discoveries with others and provided the basis for Handbook to Higher Health Consciousness: How to Transition to Plant-Based Eating to Heal Yourself and the Planet.

David is dedicated to helping people embrace a plant–based lifestyle for their health, for the environment, and for the sake of the animals.

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