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Book Launch Party Dec 2017

To celebrate the release of Handbook to Higher Health Consciousness, Tracy Childs hosted a book launch party at her place. It was a great venue, with food indoors and revelers cavorting outdoors. Many attendees had purchased the book online, and brought it to have it signed by the authors. Others bought the book at the event. Get your copy!

In case you weren’t aware, Tracy contributed well over one hundred recipes to the book. Tracy has been developing plant-based recipes and teaching cooking for many years, and she is particularly excited to see her recipes in print. Her recipes tend to be more toward the whole-food, low oil, salt, and sugar end of the spectrum, whereas my recipes tend toward the comfort and transitional foods end. So, it was a nice balance, with something for everyone.

Tracy signed books indoors (near the kitchen, of course!), and Donna and I set up a signing station on the patio. And we were busy! There was a steady stream of people throughout the event. There was plenty of delicious food and drink. Many of the dishes were right out the book, or festive variations (like the Amaretto Cashew Butter Brownies. Yum!). Kudos to all the wonderful people that helped with the food preparation, setup, and facilitating.

This event was so much fun, I can’t wait for the next one!

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