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Join the Healing America Tour

The Healing America tour is coming to San Diego. Mark your calendars. It’s this Saturday, March 10th , from 4pm to 6pm at the Unity Center, 8999 Activity Road. It’s north of Miramar Road, between Kearny villa Road and Camino Ruiz. There is plenty of parking and seating for 800! Admission is free. Bring a friend. Text "Join" to 619-313-6657 or visit

The goal of this tour is to provide All Americans from every walk of life the ability to take control of their health. This message is so important at a time when our society as a whole has gone off the rails and we are eating our way to chronic disease and disability.

San Diego was selected as one of the six cities for this initial tour. I'm sure that is due in large part to the great educational work done by Tracy Childs, our local pod leader of PlantDiego. At the event, we will enjoy a presentation, followed by Q & A with the two leading forces in the Healing America movement (, T. Colin Campbell and Nelson Campbell. I was privileged to meet up with both of them at a recent event.

T. Colin Campbell has written over 300 research papers, is coauthor of The China Study,and was featured in the documentary “Forks Over Knives.” He is a strong proponent of evidence-based nutrition and health. He and son Thomas established the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program at e-Cornell, of which I am a proud graduate. In this picture, I’m exchanging books with T. Colin.

Nelson Cambpell, Colin’s son, is taking a grassroots approach to promote health in our communities. He founded PlantPure, Inc, which supports healthy eating through kickstart programs and providing healthy food. He works with hospitals to become more profitable by offering nutrition-based healing rather than dispensing drugs. He produced the documentary PlantPure Nation, and will document the Healing America tour with a feature documentary. This picture shows Nelson receiving a signed copy of my book.

This tour will be followed by a city-by-city campaign to bring the message of plant-based nutrition to everyone in each city. They will start in Durham, North Carolina. They will provide seminars and other educational tools, healthy and affordable food into underserved neighborhoods, and a powerful social network to build community and support local action. They will work out the kinks and document the progress, then expand the model into other cities across the nation.

So, your participation at this initial event will be an opportunity to participate in something historic. Momentum has been building throughout 2017. I believe that plant-based eating with come out of the shadows into the spotlight in 2018. We just saw Beyonce encourage her 112 million Instagram fans a few days ago to join her in eating a plant-based diet. Of course, Beyonce is not alone. More and more celebrities and athletes are flocking to plant-based eating for their long-term health. This summer, you'll see the landmark documentary film, The Game Changers, produced by James Cameron and Rip Esselstyn. It shows how top athletes are changing to plant-based eating for greater strength, endurance, and shorter recovery times. The film blows the myth that "eating meat is manly" right out of the water in a very dramatic way. It's definitely a game changer.

David Kater

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