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Food Revolution Summit April 28 - May 6

Person standing on a summit just above a layer of clouds.

Join the 7th annual Food Revolution Summit hosted by John and Ocean Robbins. I've attended several of these summits, and the information is definitely revolutionary. It empowers each of us to make our own food choices to better support our health and the health of the planet. The summit will consist of three live interviews each day with well-know speakers such as Dr. Greger, Dr. Barnard, and Kris Carr. Live interviews will take place at 8am, 9am, and 10am PST, and they will be available for replay at no cost for 21 hours. If you want lifetime access to the entire summit as well as transcripts and bonus material, that is definitely available for purchase as well.

Being part of the summit means saying no to toxic food and detrimental food practices, to a medical system that teaches doctors next to nothing about modern day nutrition, and to a junk food industry that preys on the minds and health of our children as well as adults who are uninformed. It means saying yes to healthy food that nourishes every cell of your body and fuels a thriving future. The hosts are expect 300,000 participants this year. Maybe you will be participant 300,001. To join, click on this link:

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