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"This book is the perfect place to dive in."

From the Foreword by Neal Barnard, MD

What is a Plant Food Path?

Following a Plant Food Path is about making conscious choices every time you shop or eat. In a nutshell, it is choosing to eat plants rather than animal products. It is as simple as reaching for the carton of almond milk rather than cow’s milk in the grocery store. It is as profound as chopping up vegetables rather than carving a chicken. It is as powerful as asking for healthy foods devoid of animal products when you eat out.


The implications of following a Plant Food Path are significant. Every time you choose to eat plants rather than animal products, you are:


  • Providing your body with fiber and phytochemicals only available in plants that nurture your immune system and fight off chronic diseases.

  • Sending a message to the animal agriculture, processed foods, and fast food industries that you choose to eat healthy food rather than deleterious food that is fueling America’s health crisis. You are voting with your dollars every time you buy food. These dollars matter. As more and more people follow the Plant Food Path, the mega-industries will feel it in their financial bottom line and be compelled to provide us with healthier food options. 

  • Saving animal lives and suffering. More than 6 million animals are slaughtered every day for food, and billions are penned up in cramped, unsanitary conditions. Approximately 200 less animals are killed each year for every single person that eats totally plant-based. 

  • Supporting the environment. Our planet has been ravaged by the excesses of animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is a driving force in global depletion: greenhouse gas emissions, ocean dead zones,  deforestation, species extinction, pollution of the atmosphere and waterways, depletion of fossil fuels, and water scarcity. Choosing to eat plants will encourage more efficient food production and sustainable land use. It will give the planet a chance to start the healing process. 

Meet David


David Kater is an author, college professor, digital artist, avid gardener, and vegan enthusiast. His latest book (his twelfth) was inspired by a life-changing switch to a plant-based diet in 2012.

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